Brief: To design an exhibition in Gerrit Rietvelds beautiful pavilion located in Netherlands.
Theme : Indian Textiles
(However, Weather conditions not to be considered.
No major changes could be made to the space.No walls could be added or eliminated.)

1:50 model to demonstrate the concept


Since this is an exhibition that celebrates Indian Textiles in another country, it showcases the vibrant colours, exquisite traditions and unique diversity of India.




Flow of Space
The map on the left displays the different techniques used in the indivisual zones. 
The map on the right explains the flow of space inside the exhibition.

57d1c233103167.56a13047e9f7e (1).png

Central Zone

Showcasing the Colours, Traditons and Diversity of Indian textiles using space graphics.

Illustration for the three walls that were provided in the space.
MEANING: A piece of Indian textile wrapped around and flowing over the proud women wearing it.
The costume is not the attire of any region in particular.It is a mix of our indian traditions and diversity woven into one long piece of clothing wrapped around women no from state in particular, but women who are proud to be wearing it.